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Posted by iiskd on July 11, 2008


Your child like any child is a gift from Allah the Almighty. The first three years of a child’s life is very important. It is during these vital years, the child grows from babyhood to become a toddler. It is at this time, that the foundation for the development of the child is laid. As narrated by Abu Hurairah (r.a) that Rasullulah mentioned:

“A baby is born pure and clean like a piece of white cloth and it is the parent who will make him a Jew, a Christian or a sun worshipper..”. Sahih Muslim 4803

The pre school children of 4 to 6 years old will grow into the next developmental stage.  The child now needs to begin to socialize and spend more time with other children. This is the stage when the child is placed in IIS Kota Damansara.


Our team of trained, experienced and dedicated child   developers consistently keep abreast with the Ministry of Education Pre School Curriculum. At the same time we incorporate the latest practical techniques and methods in child development.


1. Using creative, innovative and interactive techniques and approach.

2. Adopting instructional, experiential, immersion with critical and creative thinking as educational tools.

3. Applying the concept of reading, writing, and arithmetic as  the foundations to learning.

4. Using the collaborative approach to encourage collective learning through the spirit of brotherhood (ukhuwwah) and teamwork (jemaah).

5. Extension programme that includes outside-of-classroom learning activities to provide exciting and colorful learning experiences.

6. Technology aided tools and techniques.

7. Learning is made to be fun and easy.

8. Outdoor activities such as field trips and site visits.

9. The concept of Tarbiyyah as the main philosophy of education which is;

  • Faith based
  • Integrated
  • Comprehensive
  • Contemporary
  • Balanced
  • Firm yet flexible


1. We aim Insya Allah, to develop in each child:-

2. A strong faith in Allah S.W.T

3. The concept of Ad Deen, being good to others and the environment – parent s, siblings, older people and friends

4. The desire to imitate the exemplary character of the Prophet  Muhammad  S.A.W

5. The habit of performing the daily solat

6. The ability to recognize the Quranic alphabet

7. The ability to recite simple verses of the Quran and daily doas

8. A familiarization with short hadiths and stories from the Quran


Introduction to the English Language

As the main medium of instruction & exposure to the English Language

Introduction to the Arabic Language

As the language of Al-Quran, we shall teach our children to love the Al-Quran and to provide  a head start in learning the language of Al-Quran.

Malay language

To ensure our children‘s love for the mother tongue, and understand the correct way of using the Malay Language.


Classroom – Spacious classrooms for pre schoolers

CCTV– to monitor students and teachers activities.

Air Conditioned & Comfortable classes.

Computer Centre-Interactive & Attractive Learning.

Cafeteria – Two healthy meals provided

Musolla – As the centre of IIS. We perform prayers in congregation


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Primary School

Posted by iiskd on July 10, 2008


1. To provide an integrated educational programme suitable for the early development of the child from pre-school to tertiary level that produces a wholly practicing Muslim.

2. To provide a broad spectrum of avenues and opportunities for maximum potential growth and to help individuals achieve excellence in all aspects.

3. To develop the human potential and impart the necessary knowledge in order to build an excellent ummah.


1. Creative, innovative, and interactive teaching aids. Usage of computers as an effective thinking and learning tool.

2. Use of instructional and experimental immersion with constructivism and creative thinking as a teaching approach.

3. Concept of 3R: Reading, writing, arithmetic.

4. Group activities; such as usrah so as to encourage the emergence of the spirit of brotherhood, good interaction, teamwork and group binding

5. Outdoor activities – Application outside the classroom such as field trips and site visits.

6. Learning is easy and fun.

7. Teacher as respected parent / brother / sister and facilitator.

8. Using the concept of Tarbiyyah Islamiyyah in the educational process.nThe students develop excellent spiritual and character values while gaining the knowledge in an Islamic Environment.


To provide quality and comprehensive educational programme, here in IIS we are integrating two types of curriculums which include these subjects:-


(Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah)

  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Art & Craft Education
  • Jawi
  • Physical Education


(JAIS Syllabus & IIS Educational Programme)

  • Quranic Studies – Tajwid & Tahfiz
  • Creative Studies (KBKK)
  • Comprehensive Islamic Studies
  • Aqidah, Tauhid, Fiqh, Sirah, Akhlaq
  • Arabic Language
  • Computer Pioneers (NCC programme)
  • Practical Life – Prayers : Dhuha & Zohor, Zikir, & Sunnah prayers which includes Friday Khutbah and Qiyamullail.


English Language

In line with MOE’s policy of empowering our children with English.

Arabic Language

Emphasizing the 3R’s (Reading, Writing, Oral) as to make students love to learn Arabic as the Language of Al Quran and striving towards understanding the Book of Allah.

Malay Language

To enrich the usage of Malay Language as our National Language.


Syabab and Fatayat (Cadet Corp) – only for Primary 4 to 6

Martial Art – Karate Do

Outdoor sports – Football, Netball, Swimming, Horse Riding, Archery

Islamic Performing Arts Club – (Tilawah, Debate, Speech, Nasyid)


Classroom – Spacious classrooms for students.

CCTV – to monitor students and teachers’ activities.

Air Conditioned & Comfortable classes.

Cafeteria – Two healthy meals provided with an afternoon snack.

Musolla – As the centre of IIS. We to perform prayers in Congregation.

Computer Centre – Interactive & Attractive Learning Venue

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